Printed Materials

We prepare company printed materials for commercial presentation

We can process publication of large product catalogues, suitable especially for manufacturers and distributors offering extensive number of various items. We operate a unique software capable to record and to filter the items according to operational needs (for example according to the target group, type of products, etc.). Instant printing of the preferred selection is therefore possible without further graphic adjustments.


Our team has extensive experience in the field 
We can prepare entire company leaflet or catalogue from the graphic and text content, editing of the text content to pre-print preparations and printing itself. If necessary and desired, we are able to organize mass distribution to hundreds or thousands of addressees at reduced cost.


We will help you to address more clients
We operate mailing systems that is capable to present your products and services to hundreds of customers - existing and potential.


Printed materials are in
Nowadays, printed catalogues, brochures, leaflets, posters, original invitation or congratulation cards, etc. have a great chance to stand out and attract attention. We can prepare them for you, including personalized addresses.


We will prepare the entire concept of corporate publications or redesign of the existing logotype and presentation materials.


We offer you rich experience, creativity, diligence in editorial work, in short, responsible and reliable cooperation.