15. 05. 2020

It is probably useless to describe current events related to COVID19, more or less relevant info is all around us. We nevertheless believe in better days and therefore we would like to inform you that we are ready to do our best to process catalogues and other exhibition prints in the future.

13. 01. 2020

We obtained authorization to process the catalogues and exhibition guides for all the 2020 events organized by Trade Fair Organizations ABF a.s., Prague, and Incheba Expo Bratislava again.



Many companies need to present their new products, innovations or technology on regular basis. You can simply replace meetings in showroom or training centers with an online presentation, including the online demonstration of a new procedures. Such presentations can be recorded live or even pre-recorded. Questions of the professional participants can be answered by chat.


You can use the professionally edited video of the entire event, for example, for repeated seminars.


We can also help you with communication following the event itself, for example with mailing samples and other materials, to get the best outcome possible.